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Flight school class website online

Yay! I’ve put up a brand new site for my class. I present you Phoenix, class 04/05 of Stella Aviation Academy in Teuge.

It’s a now heavily modded phpBB install – I really don’t have the time to build a site from the ground up. I’m very happy with it. It’s relatively easy to mod and it has quite a few nice prefab modifications. Amongst other mods, the Photo Album mod and the Attachment mod have been successfully installed and I managed to make some cool modifications to the code myself aswell.

As our Dutch visitors can read there we started ATPL classes yesterday. We kicked off with General Navigation, which is about stuff like latitude/longitude, distance calculation, wind correction, etcetera. Pretty cool :)

Radio Navigation is up next (on monday). Third class is Communication. All three classes will be examinated in February, so the pressure is turned up a bit compared to PPL but we should all be able to make it just fine. Wish me luck :)

Eerste dag ATPL

De allereerste les voor de ATPL theorie is achter de rug; mooie kans om m’n log eens te starten. Vandaag hadden we het voorrecht om Arend te horen spreken over General Navigation. Omwentelingsellipsoïden, groot- en kleincirkels, aardse convergentie. Variatie, deviatie inclinatie. CWC, TWC, EWC. Kennen we ze allemaal nog? Smile

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