Monthly Archives: November 2005

Papa India Lima Oscar Tango

Again quite some time has passed since my last update. Time to post something again ‘cos a lot has changed.

I quit my study at Delft University . It just lost it’s charm so I decided I wanted to do something else with my life. And oh man did I find something else – I’m gonna be a commercial pilot! I joined pilot school last September and in about two years I’ll have a frozen Airline Transport Pilot License in my pocket. After that I can stay in school to become an instructor or get a type rating for a commercial aircraft and get an airline company to recruit me (or so I hope).

I finished PPL (Private PL) classes a few weeks ago and at the moment I’m waiting for the weather to allow me to do flying lesson 05. After about 12-15 lessons (hours) I should have my first solo flight. Once that happens I’ll be back on the ground for about eight months as we’ll then be ploughing through our ATPL books. I’ll have to miss the fun of flying for a while but still it’ll be a great time – I love pilot school :D

Of course I’ve moved house again and this time I’m actually living together with a few classmates of mine. It’s great to be with them and I’m sure we’ll keep getting along just fine. We have a shared bedroom but so far no one’s had any problems with that so that’s good.

I can think of much, much more to write but I’m gonna call it a day for now. BBL :)