Monthly Archives: August 2004


Gotta love the guys at Gmail; they’ve released an official Gmail notifier. Quote: When you install the Notifier, you will be able to:

  • automatically check for new messages every two minutes
  • see a snippet of text from up to 30 unread messages
  • select a sound to indicate when you have new mail
  • make Gmail your default email application

It looks really neat so check it out!

By the way I got 5 invites to give out.. email me if you want one :p

I, Robut

Went to see “I, Robot” (or “I, Robut” as Zoidberg would say) yesterday night – damn that action scene with the two huge NS-5 transporters closing Spooner in in the tunnel was cool :D. If you haven’t seen it yet go see it tonight; it has great entertainment value.

In other news: I’ve just had my first re-exam (Law). I hope I made it. If I make it to the next year (I need a few more study points) I’m gonna upgrade my PC or buy something nice for myself :p