I’ve spent a large part of the day trying to figure out why on earth Internet Explorer was displaying a horizontal scrollbar in this iframe. After another Google search I did I found this thread in which someone suggests using scrolling=”yes”. That’s pretty silly as that would force the browser to display both scrollbars regardless of the content in the iframe. I tried it anyway and to my astonishment IE (6) now displays the vertical scrollbar only. That’s stupid!

So now I have fixed the problem for IE users but Opera (and likely Mozilla/Firefox too) now shows a rather useless horizontal scrollbar. Sorry guys but the majority of the few users that visit this site probably use IE.

Right. Interesting.

Ok some more on me then. I got really ill this weekend – lots of dizzyness involved. Because of that I can now not visit the construction sites I mentioned earlier and that sucks, especially for my teammate. Sorry :(. We might catch up when I get better but for now I’m really not fit enough to spend a full working day at a construction site.

I’m round my parents at the moment – I might go to my home in Delft for a day to check on things and pick up my model railroad transformer. Yes I’m actually playing with my model trains again! The last time I did that is at least 2½ years ago!