Frag.Ops update

Frag.Ops for UT2004 has been released about two weeks ago (as a matter of fact they’ve released two patches in the mean time) and of course I’ve been playing it. I’m doing quite well if I may say so myself so I’m thinking of joining a clan. Also, I’ve still got that map I was working on lying around and I already have an idea for a new map.

For now I won’t have time to play it though as I have a few busy weeks up ahead. After my exam tomorrow I’m going to visit my mom and dad in Belgium. I’ll be coming back to Delft on thursday for fridays exam and after that I’m going to Hoenderlo (of all places) for the weekend to spend some time with my family as my grandpa and grandma are married for 50 years. The week after that I’ll be visiting a few construction sites as part of my study.

So to cut a long story short I’ll have some more free time in two weeks :p