Long time no see :)

First let’s talk about the interesting stuff:

  • I’ve updated my bffind.tcl (as yet unpublished and only installed on my eggdrop bot “CI”) again. It can now also search for servers (!find).
  • !futurama :D
  • I’m learning UnrealEd. I got a few nice ideas for a UT2k4 // Frag-Ops map and I’ve already constructed a few bits and pieces of it. I might post a few screenshots when I near it’s completion (ETA TBA).
  • I’m gonna buy a Radeon 9800 Pro \o/

…and on to the uninteresting stuff:

  • Sorry about the lack of updates. I have written a story or two in the mean time but they’re in Dutch and I have to translate them some time. They aren’t really any good though so I might just skip them – it’s just some personal gibberish.
  • I don’t know if I’m gonna stay with the guys from the online mag I joined – the project’s kind of still born.

That’s it for now. See you soon :)