Monthly Archives: March 2004


I bought a second hand Psion Revo Plus a little while ago and I think I’m gonna really start using it now. As I wrote down earlier I’ve signed up as a writer for a newly found ‘online mag’. I’m part of the Games team and I can tell you there’s more than enough interesting stuff to write about as Battlefield Vietnam, Unreal Tournament 2004, Far Cry and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow are all to be released before the end of this month. I consider each of these games a must-have.

The problem is I got a number of exams coming next week. I have to admit things really aren’t going that well at the Uni lately. It’s no lost case but I do have to put some effort in it. It will take time.

Luckily I’ll have plenty of time after that. You can expect a review or a feature from me when the time comes.

P.S.: I was typing this in the train, on my way from Rotterdam to Utrecht as part of my trip to my parents. A few minutes ago we stopped in the middle of the meadows after hearing an incredible noise and lots of clattering; apparently some youngsters put a bicycle on the track. That seems to be happening every evening lately, according to the ticket collector… .