Monthly Archives: February 2004

Current project

The first project I’ll be publishing is VoiceStart (I might think a more original name later :p). It’s a simple proggy written in VB6 (boo! hiss!) which enables the user to start a program with a voice command, e.g. saying “start Opera” can fire up your favourite internet browser.

Most of the code is copied straight from MS Speech SDK 5.1 so most kudos go to Mr Gates’ team. All I want is a very simple proggy which does the job. As there aren’t any existing projects of this kind around I thought I’d just do it myself :)

Here’s a pic of this work in progress: link

Starting weblog

Hey there,

I feel now is the time to get this site going. I’ve signed up at a newly founded online mag so I should be writing some articles soon. I’ve also got a few ideas for some scripts / programs which I will publish here.

I doubt my website will contribute anything to the well-being of the general population but what the heck :p

By the way as I’m too lazy to write my own news script I’ve installed CuteNews. Hope you like it :)